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Blue Focus


BlueFocus is a data technology company dedicated to enhancing our clients’ enterprise capabilities through intelligent management and operation in the era of big data and social networks. Major service offerings provided by BlueFocus and its subsidiaries are marketing services (public relations, digital marketing, event management), digital advertising (digital media placement for mobile, smart TV and other channels outside China) and international business. With a global network, our expertise covers a broad range of services in marketing communications as well as intelligent management and operation based on data technology.



Headquartered in Beijing, BlueFocus has regional branch offices in mainland China, as well as a global network in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. It has been serving over 2,000 domestic and international clients, including over 100 Fortune 500 companies and renowned company brands across sectors including information technology, automobile, consumer goods, real estate, internet, finance, gaming.


As the leading agent for BlueFocus, BlueFocus Digital Marketing is committed to providing customers with intelligent integrated digital marketing solutions. Since its inception in 1996, we have evolved from industry and consumer insights to creative, content and multi-channel marketing by integrating media acquisition, e-commerce, marketing cloud, pan-entertainment, OTT and more, and through this one-stop marketing solutions, to help customers achieve greater brand business value.
作為藍色光標的主導代理機構,藍色光標數字營銷機構致力於為客戶提供智能整合數字營銷解決方案。自1996 年成立以來,我們通過整合媒介購買、電子商務、營銷雲、泛娛樂、OTT 等各種能力與資源,逐步形成從行業和消費者洞察到創意、內容和多渠道營銷等所構成的價值鏈服務體系,並通過一站式營銷解決方案,助力客戶實現品牌商業價值的更大化。


At present, customers include leading brands in the automotive, consumer goods, finance and other industries. Strategic customers include Jeep, Volvo, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Ferrari, Oreo, Shell, Ping An, and Pudong Development Bank. Our vision is to serve our customers professionally and grow side by side with our customers. Our mission is to help Chinese brands go global and provide international brands with a marketing approach that is more in line with China's national conditions.
目前客戶涵蓋汽車、消費品、金融等行業的領導品牌,戰略客戶包括Jeep、Volvo、Alfa Romeo、保時捷、法拉利、奧利奧、殼牌、平安、浦發銀行等。我們的願景是專業服務客戶,與客戶並肩成長。我們的使命是幫助中國品牌走向世界, 並為國際品牌提供更符合中國國情的營銷方式。



Social Project Intern - Shanghai

Social項目實習生 - 上海


Job Description 職位描述:

  • Assist in project implementation  協助項目執行事宜

  • Assist in editing social copy and maintain WeChat platform 協助編輯 social 文案,維護微信後台

  • Participate in the discussion of the social project 參與social 項目的討論


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Knowledge about the digital industry and have a passion for social projects 了解digital 行業、對social 有熱情

  • Ability to handle a large workload under pressure 能接受高強度及壓力的工作

  • Excellent communication and copywriting skills 溝通及文案能力優秀

  • Innovativeness 有創新意識

Public Relations Consulting Intern - Shanghai

公共關係咨詢實習生 - 上海


Job Description 職位描述:

  • Assist in daily communication in the project 協助項目中的日常溝通

  • Copywriting 相關文案撰寫

  • Participate in project discussion and execution 參與項目討論及執行


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Excellent copywriting and communication skills, ability to write independently preferred 文案、溝通能力優秀,能獨立撰寫稿件優先

  • Relevant media or public relations experience 有相關的媒體、公關經驗

  • Ability to handle a large workload under pressure 能接受高強度及壓力的工作

  • Good English skills 英文能力良好

Copywriting Intern - Shanghai

文案實習生 - 上海


Job Description 職位描述:

  • Copywriting with the assistance of the project leader 在項目領導的協助下完成項目相關的文案撰寫

  • Participation in project discussion 參與項目的討論


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Journalism, Chinese, advertising and other related majors 新聞學、中文、廣告等相關專業

  • Strong learning ability, team spirit, ability to work under pressure 較強的學習能力,具備團隊精神,抗壓力強

  • Interested in written language and a strong ability to write in various styles 對文字感興趣,具有較強的文案撰寫能力並能撰寫不同主題的內容

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