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Ginkgo Global Partners


Ginkgo Global is a leading investment management firm focusing on long-term value investing. Founded by Mr. Feng Zhang, Ginkgo Global is currently managing capital for institutional clients globally such as university endowments, private banks, and fund of funds. Ginkgo Global is mainly investing in Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong and US capital markets, and focuses on sectors such as TMT, consumption, and healthcare.
銀杏環球資本是一家專註於長期價值投資的資產管理機構,主要從事受托資產管理業務。 創始人為張峰先生,受托管理的資金主要來自於長線的全球性機構投資人,包括美國著名大學捐贈基金以及招商銀行等國內著名機構投資人,投資於國內、香港以及美國資本市場,並集中於TMT、消費品及醫療行業。



Consumer / Healthcare Investment Analysis Intern - Shanghai

消費品/醫藥行業股票研究實習生 - 上海


Job Description 職位描述:

  • Conduct information search, first-hand research, interviews, etc. for target industries and enterprises, and form an investigation report after in-depth analysis 針對目標行業和企業開展信息搜索、一手調研、訪談等,經過深入分析後形成調研報告

  • Closely track the listed companies in the target industry, conduct research on listed companies that are closely tracked, and write research reports 密切追踪目標行業上市公司,對重點追踪的上市公司進行調研,撰寫研究報告

  • Cooperate with company requirements to complete other work objectives on time 配合公司要求,按時完成其他工作目標


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Master's degree or MBA with excellent grades is preferred 碩士或MBA在讀,在校成績優異者優先。

  • Buyside internship experience preferred 有買方實習經歷者優先

  • Deep understanding of financial and financial knowledge 對金融及財務知識有較深理解

  • Strong interest and passion in industry research and investment 對行業研究及投資存在強烈的興趣與愛好

  • Strong independent thinking ability, strict thinking logic, practical personality, good at summarizing 具備較強的獨立思考能力,思維邏輯嚴密,性格踏實,善於歸納總結

  • Love value investing, curious, humble and grateful 熱愛價值投資,好奇好學,謙虛正直,有感恩之心

  • Those who perform well during the internship will be offered a full-time position 實習期間表現優異者可留用

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