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Harvard College China Forum


Founded in 1997, Harvard College China Forum is North America’s leading and longest-running student-run conference on China. Dedicated to a constructive dialogue on the challenges, trends, and issues affecting China, the forum aims to engage leaders in business, academic, and politics in a discourse that offers insights and generates ideas. The annual forum typically takes place every April in Boston. Over a thousand delegates and nearly a hundred speakers attended the forum in 2018, making it the largest of its kind.




2019 Harvard College China Forum will hold a Career Fair at Harvard Business School.  Torchlight Foundation will attend the career fair as a partner. 

Time: April 14, 2019 (Sunday) 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Venue: Batten Hall, Harvard Business School, 125 Western Ave, Boston, MA 02163



時間:4月14日(周日)下午4:30 - 6:30

地點:Batten Hall, Harvard Business School, 125 Western Ave, Boston, MA 02163






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