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Lan Kwai Fong Group


Lan Kwai Fong Group is involved in a variety of sectors with operations across Asia. The core of the business involves development of an extensive property portfolio, as well as operations and management in commercial, leisure, and entertainment ventures.


Leveraging on its expertise and vast experience in property development, the Group also actively participates in businesses as diverse as F&B concepts, film production, and distribution, themed attractions as well as lifestyle private equity investment. It also has interests in cutting-edge innovative technology, while also operating digital entertainment platform LKFtv.



Branching out from its core as a business operator, the Group successfully synergizes and creates an all-inclusive ecosystem of connectivity.



Group Intern - Hong Kong

集團實習生 - 香港


Job Description 職位描述:

You will work on the projects in the area of business selected based on your interest and the current need of the Group. The Group focuses more heavily on entertainment and media business based on its real estate development. Please refer to the company website for details of each area of business.



Requirements 職位要求:

  • Relevant degree for the interested area of business of the Group 與感興趣參與之業務相關的學位

  • Proved passion or internship experience in the relevant field 具有與業務相關的實習經驗或有經歷證明的熱情

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