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Loyal Valley Capital


Loyal Valley Capital (LVC) is a leading private equity investment management company. Its investments focus on four strategic industry segments: Media & Entertainment, healthcare, advance manufacturing, and financial services. Since its founding in 2015, LVC has made a series investment in China’s most advanced and innovative companies, including Didi Chuxing, Bilibili, Sunshine Insurance Group, and Sinovent.



Fixed Income Investment Intern - Shanghai

固定收益投資實習生 - 上海


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Major in finance and financial engineering 金融、金融工程相關專業;

  • Ability to program and use python 能夠編程和使用python

  • Have good insight, analysis and summary skills 具有良好的洞察力,分析、總結能力

  • Hardworking, good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit 勤奮靠譜,具有良好的溝通協調能力和團隊合作精神

USD Fund Investor Relations Intern - Shanghai

美元基金投資者關係實習生 - 上海


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Financial related majors 金融相關專業

  • Excellent English writing and communication skills 優秀的英語書寫和溝通能力

  • Hardworking, good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit 勤奮靠譜,具有良好的溝通協調能力和團隊合作精神

Modern Finance Analysis Intern - Shanghai

現代金融分析實習生 - 上海


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Finance and other related majors, graduated in 2020 金融等相關專業,2020年畢業

  • Long-term internship is preferred 可以長期實習者優先

  • Diligent and reliable, analytical and anti-stress ability, with good communication and coordination skills 勤奮靠譜,分析能力及抗壓能力強,具有良好的溝通協調能力

Financial Analysis Intern - Shanghai

財務實習生 - 上海


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Accounting and other related majors 會計等相關專業

  • Long-term internship preferred 可以長期實習者優先

  • Outstanding intern will be offered full-time position opportunities for retention 特別優秀的實習生有留用機會

  • Patient and meticulous, strong learning ability, good communication and coordination skills 耐心細緻,學習能力強,具有良好的溝通協調能力

Human Resources Intern - Shanghai

人力資源管理實習生 - 上海


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Human resources, psychology and other related majors, graduated in 2020 人力資源、心理學等相關專業,2020年畢業

  • Long-term internship preferred 可以長期實習者優先

  • Hardworking, good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit 勤奮靠譜,具有良好的溝通協調能力和團隊合作精神

Post-Investment Financial Manager - Shanghai

投後財務經理 - 上海


Job Description 職位描述:

  • Fully responsible for the financial management of portfolio companies 全面負責被投企業財務管理

  • Representing shareholders to participate in the financial management and due diligence of portfolio companies 代表股東參與被投資企業的財務管理、盡調等工作


Requirements 職位要求:

  • Bachelor degree or above, 3-5 years of financial management related work experience, four major auditing experience is preferred 本科及以上學歷,3-5年財務管理相關工作經驗,有四大審計經驗優先

  • Complete experience in costing, reporting, budgeting 對成本核算、報表編制、預算等有完整的經驗

  • Experience in financial management of manufacturing-related industrial enterprises is preferred 有製造業相關實業企業財務管理經驗優先

  • Do things carefully and ability to work under pressure 做事認真仔細,抗壓力強

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