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Roland Berger


Roland Berger is an independent company, solely owned by our Partners, who are responsible for overall corporate performance and business success. Founded in 1967, Roland Berger remains the only leading global consultancy firm with non-Anglo-Saxon roots. We are German by origin, European by nature and global by ambition, including a strong footprint in Asia and other geographies where we feel that we can truly make an impact.


We have always strived to a different perspective in the field of consulting and business, and today we continue to constructively challenge standard patterns of thought and provide clients with new solutions to manage disruption and transformation.


Our entrepreneurial spirit has shaped our growth and fueled our outstanding achievements since the early days of the firm. In short, being a game changer is in our DNA. With nearly 50 years of continuous growth behind us and 2,400 employees working in 34 countries, we are one of the leading players in global top-management consulting and have successful operations in all major international markets.


Through mutual trust and sustainable value added for our clients, we have become a longstanding advisor of major international industry and service companies as well as public institutions worldwide.




Summer Associate Consultant - Shanghai

暑期助理顧問 - 上海


Job Description 職位描述(僅英文):

  • An internship with us is an opportunity to experience consulting first-hand. You'll be assigned to a working project from day one. You'll have direct contact with our clients.

  • Your keen mind has always responded to challenges and you won't be bored here. The learning curve is steep but we know you'll rise to it. Remember, you're not on your own. We support you. Your team supports you. They remember what it was like to be in your shoes.

  • On successful completion of the internship, you'll have the opportunity to receive a full-time contract. Welcome aboard!


Requirements 職位要求(僅英文):

  • Has winning ideas and is able to implement them. Strategy into reality

  • Learning is natural to you

  • Degree in economics, engineering, natural sciences, or any other subject

  • Passion and excellence

  • Stand-out analytical skills

  • Spent time abroad, studying or through work experience

  • English is fluent

  • You laid the groundwork for your career and have impressive and challenging internships behind you

  • Broad interests. You love discovering new things and debating ideas. You have an inquisitive mind and form compelling arguments.

  • Your perspective is deep and committed. You analyze structures, trends, relationships, cause and effect. You have a complex vision of the world.

  • It's this maturity of thinking that gives you your empathy. You're compelling. You apply your thinking. You're entrepreneurial. You enjoy forging ahead with new ideas.

  • Team work is important to you and is about what you put in. You gain just as much from being around equally switched-on people. Your ambition doesn't get in the way of team spirit and being hands-on.

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