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Founded in 2016, XVC focuses on finding and supporting entrepreneurs with outstanding leadership and focusing on finding great opportunities in the structural change of the economy. The investment amount is in the range of 10 million to 100 million yuan or the equivalent of US dollars, there is no limit to the stage.


Invested companies include Koala Reading, Pipa Coding and Xiangwushuo.




Investment Manager - Beijing

投資經理 - 北京

Requirements 職位要求:

  • MBA or three to five years of work experience MBA或三到五年工作經驗

  • Investment or relevant experience required 具有投資或相關經驗

Investment Analyst - Beijing

投資分析師 - 北京

Requirements 職位要求:

  • Finance, Economics or other business-related major preferred 金融、經濟或其他商業相關學位者優先

  • Shown passion about investment or relevant experience required 對投資有熱情、或具有投資或相關經驗

  • Strong intellectual curiosity 需要好奇心

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