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TorchLight Insights


Introduction 介紹

TorchLight Insights is an editorial column that enables students or people who are concerned with U.S. - China relations and related issues to share their thoughts.


Mission 宗旨

We believe this program will provide college students with a unique opportunity to express their thoughts on contemporary topics and to connect the peers from top universities.


Rules 活動規則

We welcome original editorials/articles from both students and faculty of our collaborating universities. Students whose work is selected and published on our website will receive remuneration. We publish selected editorials on all of our social media platforms and website.  


Criteria of selection 社論/文章要求

(i) Length of 800 - 1500 English words, preferably with Chinese translation but Chinese translation is not required.

(ii) A topic around Economics, Education, Business, Technology, Culture in either China, the U.S., or between the two countries.

(iii) Articles with novel insights and constructive arguments are highly suggested.

(i) 長度為800-1500英文詞,有中文翻譯為佳但不是必須要求

(ii) 話題圍繞中國、美國及中美之間的經濟、教育、商業、科技、文化領域

(iii) 我們歡迎具有創新觀點及建設性觀點的文章。

​Selected Editorials from our U.S. - China Relations Conference (English Only)


North Korea                                                                                                                                                      Andrew Lin


One Belt One Road—The Revolution of International Trade                                                               Rong Fan


Why the US Should Join the AIIB                                                                                                                 Joel Gallo


With The Increasing International Reputation, Can China Improve Domestic Performance?  Bonnie Tan


The Importance of Establishing A Long-term Stable Strategic Cooperative Relationship Between China and the U.S.                                                                                                                                                       Guanying Xu


Dispute of the Huangyan Island-South China Sea                                                                                  Halbert Lee


If you are interested in contributing to TorchLight Insights and sharing your thoughts with other students through our network, please contact us. We look forward to your participation.


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