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OC&C Strategy Consultants

OC&C 戰略咨詢

OC&C is a leading global strategy consulting firm with 14 offices around the world. We work for senior executives, providing solutions to some of the most exciting strategic problems in consulting today. OC&C serves multiple industries worldwide. We have two offices in the Greater China region, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The Greater China office has built expertise in Retail, Consumer Goods and Private Equity.

OC&C是一家領先的全球戰略諮詢公司,在全球設有14個辦事處。 我們為高級管理人員工作,為當今諮詢中一些最激動人心的戰略問題提供解決方案。 OC&C為全球多個行業提供服務。 我們在大中華區有兩個辦事處,上海和香港。 大中華區辦事處在零售,消費品和私募股權方面擁有豐富的專業知識。



Summer Associate Consultant - Shanghai / Hong Kong

暑期助理顧問 - 上海 / 香港



Job Description 職位描述(僅英文):

  • responsible for Data gathering and analysis

  • Market research

  • Interviewing key clients, customers and suppliers and presenting findings to the team

  • You’ll be mentored by OC&C consultants

  • You’ll work directly on client projects to socializing with colleagues


Requirements 職位要求(僅英文):

  • The Summer Associate Consultant Intern program is only available to undergraduates, masters and MBA students who are pursuing the final year of their degree. Must be a junior on track to graduate in 2020.

  • The ideal candidate will have demonstrated the highest level of academic achievement at first class academic institutions. All majors are welcome

  • Fluency in Mandarin and English is required

  • Have an intuitive analytical mind and strong numeracy

  • Strong teamwork skills and be able to communicate very effectively in both written and oral settings

  • Have demonstrated a natural entrepreneurial bent, which translates into a 'get it done' attitude

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